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Marina Celander is a theatre artist, singer, dancer, living and working in NYC. She studied music in Sweden, dance at London Contemporary Dance School, England, and then acting at the Gene Frankel Theatre Workshop, NYC. Marina has performed nationally and internationally.

Marina received the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre’s annual Red Socks Award 2014 for her contribution to Asian American theatre. In 2016 Marina was nominated for the Innovation In Performance Award for her solo show Mermaid's Howl at the Stockholm Fringe Festival. She was then invited to the Tony award-winning theatre LaMama ETC as part of their solo festival Series Of One. 

Shakespeare's Sisters, another of solo show of hers, was invited to perform at the Estrogenius Festival in NYC.​​​​ 

Tree She, part of Marina's pandemic series Hallway Jam, premiered at Estrogenius Festival 2020, and was nominated for Best Movement Artist by the Young-Howze Theatre Awards.

As a hula student Marina has had the pleasure and honor of studying with notable Kumu Hula (hula master teachers), and has then made it her mission to spread aloha and hula in New York City's public elementary schools.

Photo Gil Seo for Asian American Arts Alliance

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